• Ling 224: Grammatical Analysis (undergraduate morphosyntax; taught many times)

  • Ling 400/500: Thesis Seminar (for undergraduates and master's students writing theses; Spring 2013, AY 2014-2015, 2018-2019)

  • Ling 408: Ancient Egyptian (an introduction to Middle Egyptian grammar; taught many times)

  • Ling 421: Morphology (mixed-level morphology magic; taught many times)

  • Ling 427: Syntax I (graduate-level introduction to syntax; taught many times)

  • Ling 430: The Structure of Semitic Languages (Fall 2012 co-taught with Aynat Rubinstein)

  • Ling 470: Intermediate Ancient Egyptian (follow-up course to Ling 408; taught many times)

  • Ling 520: Morphology (Fall 2010, co-taught with Donna Lardiere)

  • Ling 529: Syntax III (graduate-level advanced syntax; taught many times)

  • Ling 536/736: Seminar on Topics in Morphosyntax (most recently: on Distributed Morphology: Spring 2014; on concord: Spring 2017; on nominalizations: Fall 2019)

  • Ling 536/736: Seminar in Nominal Phrase Syntax (Spring 2010)

Georgetown students: please note that course documents, syllabi and other course-related information can be found on Canvas.