Ruth Kramer

Associate Professor

Department of Linguistics

Georgetown University

Washington, DC, 20057-1036


Office Hours: M 1:30-3

Office hours held over Zoom in Fall 2020 (email me for the link)


My research is primarily in theoretical syntax and morphology, and I have particular interests in grammatical gender, number, syncretisms, clitic doubling, and the fine line between prepositions and case markers. The languages I specialize in are Amharic (Ethio-Semitic) and Ancient Egyptian (the language written with hieroglyphs), both of which are members of the Afroasiatic language family.

For detailed information about my past and present research activities, see my C.V. and this list of downloadable papers and handouts.

Teaching and Advising

I greatly enjoy teaching, and please see a list of past and present courses (being) taught.

Contact Information, etc.

If you need to reach me, here's how.

For the curious: more information on how I began studying Egyptian, and what I'm up to when I am not doing linguistics.