Ruth Kramer

Associate Professor

Department of Linguistics

Georgetown University

Washington, DC, 20057-1036


Office Hours: T 3-4:30

Office hours held over Zoom in Spring 2021 (email me for the link)


My research is primarily in theoretical syntax and morphology, and I have particular interests in grammatical gender, number, syncretisms, clitic doubling, and the fine line between prepositions and case markers. The languages I specialize in are mostly members of the Afroasiatic language family, with a special emphasis on Amharic (Ethio-Semitic).

For detailed information about my past and present research activities, see my C.V. and this list of downloadable papers and handouts.

Teaching and Advising

I greatly enjoy teaching, and please see a list of past and present courses (being) taught.

Contact Information, etc.

If you need to reach me, here's how.

For the curious: more information on how I began studying Egyptian, and what I'm up to when I am not doing linguistics.